Friday, 23 November 2007

Where do you go...?

When you need big answers to big questions, where do you go?

Last night Simon Amstell hosted Never Mind the Buzzcocks with Jermaine Jackson as one of his guests. Jermaine Jackson, a convert from Christianity to Islam, has been quoted as saying Islam gives him the answers Christianity never could. In his characteristic style, Simon Amstell could not resist commenting on this apparent jumping about across religions, and remarked along the lines of -

each to his own, that's no problem

whatever gives you the answers you need.

He personally, he said, gets his from Google.

Although the God of Google was summoned for comic effect, does it say something more profound about the level of question we permit ourselves to ask these days? But if you haven't stopped asking the big questions, where do you get your answers? If you have no specific religious framework to offer you the answers you need to these 'big questions', where do you go?


Your own spiritual guru?

The Mind-Body-Spirit section of Borders?


Friday, 16 November 2007

Spiritual props?

Who or what do you need to help make sense of - or to experience - 'the spiritual' in your life?

For many centuries various religions have provided organisational structures to help followers understand and practice their spirituality - from churches and pews, to rules for everything from patterns of prayer to dress and diet.

But what if you do not follow a particular religion or are trying to develop a spiritual path that makes sense to you? Do you still need these orders and structures and 'ways of doing'?

And if so, what orders and structures do you use?

In the words of one of our bloggers:
' a letting go of everything.
And in this state of having let go,
peace, happiness, openness and wonder well up…
Inevitably we bring with us to this state
our own background and experience,
and this influences how we accept the new realization.
Angels, gods, spirits, Wicca,
whatever helps to put it all into context.
Great spiritual thinkers
like the Buddha, Christ, Lao Tsu can help us,
but we must each find our own way.'

How do you find your way?